This is "Våre Minste". A packaging design project I worked on at "Alle Gutta" design studio in Oslo. The customer for this design was "Bakehuset" who bakes bread for a variety of shops around Norway. In Norway, a country where people eat a lot of bread there is a demand for the packaging to stand out amongst the rest! 
"Bakehuset" and "Norges Gruppen" wanted a design that was fresh and homely, easily recogniceable as a collection of flavours, while also separating the different varieties of bread. With this packaging we convinced the baker to switch to paper packaging instead of plastic, both for the obvious aestethic and environmental benefit this has, but also as this will make the bread appear more freshly baked to the customers. If you want to try the bread, you can purchase it from most stores that are a part of "Norges Gruppen", including Kiwi and Bunnpris. 
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